The Chinese government's laws on foreigners' visa in China are very complicated and audits are very strict. It is increasingly difficult to apply successfully. There are often cases where foreigners’visas are refused. SLCANADA is willing to provide you with professional agency services for the cumbersome procedures, complex materials, frequent policy changes, and difficult approval that foreigners face on visa application.

How do foreign employees
apply for a work visa?

How to legally reside in China?
How to deal with the requirements of government departments?
How to fill out the professional application form?
How to complete the cumbersome process and procedures?

labor service

We will provide you with the most professional, one-stop comprehensive service to solve all the above problems. Now, SLCANADA provides you with a package-style service, including visa fees, residence permit fees, medical check fees, etc collected by government departments and medical check departments. For more details, please contact us.